Additional Categories


$10.00 per category and per photo entered


Biggest Eyes


Biggest Dimples


Longest Eye Lashes


Photogenic (may enter more than one photo)


Additional Categories will be judged prior to the start of the pageant. 

Contestants will parade in front of the judge's table. Contestant's will then get back in stage line for additional categories. 

Contestants signed up for additional categories must be check in and ready to be judged at 11:00 am. If not checked in at 11:00 am the Contestant will be ineligible to participate in additional categories and will not receive a refund. 

A contestant will be allowed to trophy in more than one optional category. 

The winners of the optional categories do not earn points for the Crossroad Royalty title.


Awards will be given in each age division. 


Male and females will compete together.


Trophy in each category.