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"Best" Categories

"Best" Categories are included in the Crossroads Royalty entry fee
and all contestants will compete.
These categories will not affect the judge's scores for the Crossroads Royalty Title. Contestants will be allowed to trophy in more than one "Best" category.


"Best" Eyes: 

Ditch the false eyelashes and show our judges your natural beauty.

Judges will be looking to see which contestant has the brightest and best eyes!

"Best" Smile: 

Get those pearly whites ready!

The judges are looking to see which contestant has the most gorgeous smile!

"Best" Hair:

Lots of locks? Got the right updo? Then perfect!

Our judges will be looking for the best hair in each age division!


"Best" Categories will be judged after the Crossroads Royalty Section has been judged.


Contestants will be introduced by the MC, this is your cue to enter the stage. Contestants will exit the stage when the MC says "Thank you Contestant".


Contestant will then return to the line-up for the next category or awards.

A contestant will be allowed to trophy in more than one "Best" category. 

The winners of the "Best" categories do not earn points for the

Crossroad Royalty title.


Awards will be given in each age division. 

Male and females will compete together.


Trophy in each category. 

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