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The Crossroads Royalty title will be awarded to the contestant that accumulates the highest points in the following categories:

1) Facial Beauty: 

Contestant will be judged solely on facial beauty.

Avoid heavy or dark makeup.

2) Formal Wear:

Contestant will be judged on Sunday Like, Party or Pageant Wear. Contestants are encourage to wear whatever makes them feel comfortable and confident.

3) Modeling Skills:

Contestant will have 1 minute

of modeling time allotted.

If unable to model alone, please have a parent assist Contestant on stage.

Contestants will be introduced by the MC, this is your cue to enter the stage. Contestants will exit the stage when the MC says "Thank you Contestant".


Contestant will then return to the line-up for the next category or awards.

Entry Fee:

Before November 1st: $100

After November 1st: $150



Crossroads Royalty Winner:

The winner of the largest trophy, biggest crown, and title banner.


All Contestants will receive a participation trophy.


Awards will be given in each age division.

Males and Females will compete separately.

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